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Shaping a Buchanan Vision

The vision illustrated on this website is the result of an intense collaborative process initiated by the Buchanan City Commission. A broad
diversity of voices have been part of this process.


A steering committee appointed by the City and led by Mayor Sean Denison
worked with the Andrews University School of Architecture & Interior
Design to reimagine redevelopment opportunities in Buchanan. The
process challenged stakeholders to think in ways that highlight Buchanan’s
unique strengths while remaining true to its community identity.
Central themes include placemaking, pedestrian-oriented design, family-friendliness, historic preservation, and inclusive economic development.

Given the semester-based availability of the Andrews University team, the
decision was made to focus the work on Downtown, the heart of Buchanan,
and the Northside neighborhood - a proud, historically black neighborhood
that has been neglected too often. The process was intended to build
consensus, identify community priorities, and shape a collective vision
by intentionally engaging a broad diversity of citizens, property and
business owners.


The ultimate goal of the project is to provide a roadmap for the next wave
of redevelopment and revitalization in Buchanan. It is also a celebration of
the future of the city and a tool for city leaders to facilitate implementation in
the marketplace.

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