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Richard Murphy

Community Development Director

Richard Murphy is the Community Development Director for the City of Buchanan. Rich has dedicated his career to making cities, towns, and neighborhoods stronger and better places. “Use what you have, everything is an asset, leave no one behind,” is Rich’s guiding principle. In his spare time, Rich likes to spend time with his wife and three children enjoying the
special natural resources of our region. 

“I come to work everyday to make Buchanan, Michigan a better place. Quality of life is everything today. Placemaking is key. A vibrant downtown is essential. Reuse is survival. Arts and culture is economic policy. Our relationship with Lake Michigan and its tributaries plays a starring role. Every community has opportunities and challenges. Use what we have, everything is an asset, leave no one behind – and strive to be the place where people want to be! That is the new economic model in the United States. The places that realize this and put their chips on this strategy are the places that will succeed. I love Buchanan, Michigan! I look forward to the journey to an even better place!”

The Andrews University Buchanan project will be the tool to stage the next wave of the Buchanan Comeback. It has been a joy to work with the community to produce this exceptional work product. This is our road map to success. Where these kids go, great things happen! Why? Because
they inspire, they unlock doors to opportunity, they see things and ask, Why not? They drive consensus and capture the essence of redevelopment ready projects and set them up for success in the marketplace. The City of Buchanan has stepped up to the challenge of forging a vision for the future. I am inspired and ready to get to work on implementation!”

rmurphy@cityofbuchanan.comTel: +1 269-695-3488 ext. 19

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